Email Courses with High Conversion Rates

Sign More Premium Clients For Your Mindset Coaching Business And Get Paid What You're Worth

Make more money from your current traffic with an educational email course.

Grow Your Email List And Grab Your Audience's Attention - Before They Head Somewhere Else.

The online world is more competitive than ever.
Every area is packed, making it harder to get noticed because of ongoing changes to algorithms.
It has never been more important to grow your email list and grab your audience's attention (before they head somewhere else).


Why an Educational Email Course?

Many coaches and consultants rely heavily on their email lists, which act as a pool of potential clients.However, their growth is slow because they often ask for sign-ups without offering anything in return, leading to less than 1% conversion from landing page visitors.In today's era, effective email list growth and client conversion depend on providing free education first, as people prefer to be informed before making purchases.


Turn Your Social Media Followers into Email Subscribers

An Educational Email Course offers a way to connect with your audience that's not just about social media.What happens if the rules change or your account disappears? That's why it's really important to turn your followers into an email list that's all yours.It's time to move from just borrowing your audience to truly owning it.


"It is like a sales and marketing team that works 24/7"

Imagine a 5-Day Educational Email Course as your very own 'automated sales and marketing team'.Once it's up and running, it becomes a valuable asset that keeps on attracting and engaging your audience for years.

The Process:

As top-notch Ghostwriters, we know our stuff to make things fast and simple for you. Here's what we offer:

  • 60-minute onboarding call

  • Draft course outline

  • The full 5-Day Course

  • Follow up email sequence

  • Email software set up

  • Landing page creation

  • Social media launch templates

Grow And Nurture Your Email List For Years

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